Rumors about this amazing program of rock climbing and mountaineering in Armenia and Georgia had been started in between American Alpine Club and Alpine Club of Iran years ago, in 2011..

The project initiator and manager David Thoenen from AAC along with ACI president Abbas Mohammadi were thinking about a new destination for the mutual event. Meanwhile Nasim Eshqi, who participated in our “Arev” Armenian Rock Climbing Festival 2011, returned to Iran and represented Armenian climbing to the local climbing community, after which the idea was born to make it with Up The Rocks club!

And finally talks became into “Rock Us in the Caucasus” work on 2015 - David and Abbas started the organizational works for their teams, and Armenian Alpine Club started to prepare for Sep 5-21 as the host organization of the event.

Great meeting in between American, Iranian and  Armenian rock climbers during these 17 days was even complete by the iconic US climber and and beloved story-teller  Jim Donini!  Six days of climbing in Noravank Canyon and Mt. Aragats in Armenia, 10 days of climbing Chaukhi mountains and Mt. Kazbek in Georgia is our story that we share with you by a bunch of photos and coming videos ;)
Check the Georgian part of the event here.       

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