The initiator of this ski touring program Andre Souvignet, and Up the Rocks was hosting Andre’s team with a pleasure in Georgia.

Our destinations were Svaneti, particularly around Mestia and Ushguli, and Kazbegi massive. All the mentioned missives are located on the Great Caucasus Mt range. Skiing in Georgia is always reach of experience, usually lots of undiscovered locations for skiing in the branches of Caucasus range, those are not developed with infrastructure and you have a feeling of pioneering while your tour. Add to it a reach cultural component like: Old Tbilisi, medieval Svani towers, the tradition of excellent wine, music and dances, delicious cousin and you know that you are there, and want to be back again and again!

While our trip we had an excellent snow everywhere, good weather and four avalanches (luckily charged only by one ski pole!)   ;)


Join us for ski-touring in Georgia on the season 2015/16!


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