While the ski tour program in Armenia last year, Philippe Descamps, with his group of skiers, was interested in the ski tour trip in Georgia for March 2013.

 The destinations that lure them were Gudauri Mountains and Mt Kazbek. But after I had a trip to Svanetia last Aug, I offered them to include “the big Chamonix” in the program, and it worked!vIn Svanetia, unluckily we had no good weather to do the entire ski-touring program offered by our local guide Giorgi Niguriani. Only later, we have seen the pictures of that amazing skiing by Valdo Kangur, the leader of another ski-touring group who stayed there few more days after us.

I truly hope that in the next season, we’ll manage with Giorgi to do the full ski-touring program in Svanetia – the Big Chamonix! As to Gudauri Mountains, we can state the snow and weather was perfect! Three days of ski-touring on amazing terrain, and you will mention that for Gudauri you need a month!

Resume – you are strongly recommended to explore the mountains of Georgia! ;)

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