The Hell's Canyon is one of the most deloved place of Armenian rock climbers for sport and trad climbing. It՛s located around 80km from Yerevan, on the way to Yerevan-Goris. If you are traveling by public transport (recommended Yerevan-Yeghegnadzor bus) or hitch hiking then you want to stop the bus after the blue plate "Landzhar" - on the first water spring (right side of the road) or the second water spring (left side of the road). Take a drinking water from one of the road springs, cause in the canyon you cannot find a drinking water, however the water from the small stream is ok for washing. The canyon is located about 2 km aside of the mine road, see on the map below.

 The printed guide book with complete route information and good quality pictures is planned to be released by Up The Rocks club soon. In the guide book you will find detailed information about all the routes and climbing areas around Armenia. NOTE: the sector maps and topos will be periodically updated in response to active development of the climbing areas. For climbing guides, instructors and organized rock climbing trips in Armenia contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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