June 7-11 was spent to set 8 more sport climbing routes in Noravank canyon, at the new sector called Areni.

  The climbing routes in Areni sector are easy, from grades 5a up to 6a+, thus making it an ideal location for coaching kids and beginner climbers. Eight of the routes are spread away in between 30 meters of distance, so the instructors can basically keep an eye on everyone around.

  Another advantage of Areni sector is that it's located nearby the cave restaurant, run by climbers' friend Vardges, who is one of the rangers of the area as well. Delicious Armenian lunch and dinner are available within two minutes of walk. Camping at Vardges' cave yard is also a good advantage, you will get toilet facilities there and be nicely hosted!

  The project we did with the support of the Armenian Alpine Club, the route setter was Mkhitar Mkhitaryan. 80 bolts and 5 anchor chains were used for the project. By the end of the lockdown, we plan to organize there climbing courses for beginners as well to recruit the local youth from the nearby villages. For that purpose, the Armenian Alpine Club is already equipped by the Club Alpin Francais youth members donation, and we are waiting for to put it in good use soon.

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