It is hard to stop going to Indian Creek and Yosemite once you have experienced that already. There are so many climbs to do and the local climbing culture itself makes you feel like you will be missing something if not to go these places even once in a season.


With my Russian friends, and accompanied by Jim Donini at some parts of the trip, I had one more great experience․ Amazing people we met during the trip is the 50% of that experience, I would say, but won't name them all here. Just will mention Nick D'Hulster, who responded to my note on the Camp-4 board looking for a partner for The Nose. Must confess I was lucky with such an organized, competent, positive guy with a "Luck" (people who know Nick will guess what I meant) on our first climb on El Cap. 

P.S. thanks for Vasken Koutoudjian to support my trip.

Bringing some footage for you soon, check the update!


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