The dreams seems to be really powerful. How else would you describe your first climbing trip in US, where Jim Donini drives you to Yosemite, Indian Creek, Red Rocks, Black Canyon and Eldorado canyon..?

 Well, I offer you to see my impressions in the footages below, instead of putting a long text here. Just want to say that even now, when all my luggage is spread around the laptop, to be packed for another climbing trip to US in two days, and even many other coming trips in the Valley and Indian Creek that I would send some major routes and 5.13 cracks, this first trip would be the best of all! Thanks to Jim Donini, Andre Dahlman, Sarah Koniewicz, Karsten Delap, Klark Gerhard, Erik Eisele, Naz Ahmed, Kevin Dugan, David Tohenen, Thomas Engelbch and the other our friends who were climbing in Armenia and Georga a year before, and were a part of this trip too!

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