Mio amico Ale has checked out by internet that the busses Verona-Arco work till 10pm.

But when I arrived to Verona from Val Pellice at about 9:30pm, it appeared that the info found in internet was updated many-many years ago. So I managed to get Arco at about 2:00am by very fancy way (thanks to guys from street cafe in Rovereto ;) The town in the night was full with the soul of mystery, surrounded by huge rocks, flags of the countries from all over the world leading to the competition area with enlightened artificial walls. My expectations to see there parties and people in the bars were not real. You could hear around, only the silence and smell in the air the great climbers' performance in few hours.

My friends from Russian climbing team ware in Zoo camp. But I hadn’t my x-rays device with me to find them in hundreds of tents.  So I just put my sleeping bag on the grass.

In the next morning when we met I finally spoke in Armenian as Armen and Arman Ter-Minasyans are in the Russian team.  The pictures below will tell about my Arco experience better.


With a great regret I had to get back Rome on July 18, not to be able to stay till the finish of competition, July 24. Here in Rome again couchsurfing made it easy to find a host and a nice guide with a bike. Ciao Serena, I miss the bike tour!

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