Ok, now I’m happy with a sustainable climbing partner Jared Nielson, a Big Wall climber from California.

Enven, when he takes pics on the rocks then I have got another partner Becca Burton Nielson! But our climbing crew is even larger. Six 6 years old Van and three years Ava, cute kids who never complicate to wake up at 6-7am to drive more than 100km, hang out all the day in wild nature, climbing and camping! And our smallest member is Peppu, one month old black poodle with the size of a purse. This sweet family has moved to Armenia for two years as Jared being employed by US embassy in Armenia. His expectations about rock climbing in Armenia were overcome after he saw all the potential here. I guess he is the luckiest guy from US climbers who will read “Armenia Amazing” article in the October issue of Rock and Ice Magazine. And now we have got a lot of ambitious plans to do!  

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