Armenian Alpine Club first time held in the country Climbing Armenian Cup (bouldering) on May 31 – June 1, 2014.  

The event has been supported by Up The Rocks club, Petzl, TUMO center, “Spitak” Rescue Center and Copoliva. The 39 climbers where competing in three age groups: 1 – Adults (19+), 2 – youth (14-18), 3 – Kids (10-13).

Route setter: Alexey Kozlov (Georgia).

Head judge: Mkhitar Mkhitaryan,

Judge 1: Souren Sepanian,

Judge 2: Sasha Mailyan,

Judge 3: Vahe Kosakyan։



Adult group


1st place – Vahe Tamamyan

2nd place – Gevorg Elmasakyan

3rth place – Arman Mkrtchyan


1st place – Karine Galstyan

2nd place – Aida Mkrtchyan

3rth place – Anahit Harutyunyan


Youth group


1st place – Gevorg Elmasakyan

2nd place – Alexandr Marikyan


1st place – Elena Qeshishyan


Kids group


1st place – Alen Gasoyan

2nd place – Sos Mnacakanyan

3rth place – Tavit Petrosyan


1st place – Eva Baghdasaryan

2nd place – Milena Gasparyan

3rth place – Yelena Margaryan



The competition is considered as a start of competition climbing in Armenia and aid to estimate the skills and potential of different age groups among Armenian climbers. Discussing the results of the competition Armenian Alpine Club concluded it to be early to represent Armenian Climbing Team in IFSC competitions in the season 2014. Instead all the energy and resources will be focused on to make the National Team stronger for the next season.

Armenian Alpine Club expresses its special gratitude to the supporting organizations, route setter Alexey Kozlov, Arno Mosikyan, Vasken Koutoudjian and all the friends who did hard work during preparation and realization of Bouldering Armenian Cup!  


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